We've released a new web version of Friends & Fables! Read more about it here

What is Friends & Fables?

Friends & Fables turns D&D 5e into a text-based RPG that you play over Discord with an AI dungeon master. Allowing you to play anytime, anywhere, solo or multiplayer!

This guidebook is for the previous legacy Discord version of Friends & Fables, we recommend you read about the new web version here: Friends & Fables: A New Chapter (opens in a new tab)

Why should I try Friends & Fables?

We built Friends & Fables because we wanted to play D&D but didn't have a dungeon master. It's great if you,

  • Don't have a DM to play with
  • Are a beginner to D&D and want to get a feeling for the game before joining a group
  • Want to play with friends online


FeatureCompletedWIPPlannedNot Planned
Rolling Dice
Basic Combat
HP Tracking
Spell Tracking
Customizing Memory
Add Franz to your server
Quest System Revamp
Editing Messages
Combat Revamp
Memory Improvements
Rolling with Advantage/Disadvantage