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/talk is your primary command. There are two modes for using /talk.

1. /talk to franz

Use /talk to franz like you would talk to a human DM.

  • Tell Franz what you want to do. Ex."I want to go to the tavern" or "I want to attack the goblin".
  • Ask Franz a question or get more information. Ex. "Does the guard see me?" or "What types of creatures live in this cave?".
  • Correct Franz when he gets something wrong. Ex. "The shopkeeper offered me 1,000 gold, not 100".

2. /talk as character

Use /talk as character to talk as your character. Useful for dialog with NPCs or other player characters.

"Marna, when did they take him!?" or "200 gold for this garbage? I'll give you 100. Take it or leave it, dwarf".

Prefix Commands, !talk and !tac

Players told us that it was annoying to use /talk in multiplayer games because slash commands don't show the "x is typing..." indicator. So we added two prefix commands !talk and !tac so that other players can see when you are typing in a command. Some players have told us they prefer using the prefix commands over /talk, especially on mobile.

To use these prefix commands, just type them in your game in a normal message: "!talk I want to go to the tavern".


  • Be specific! If you are having a conversation about an item, use the item's name. It helps Franz with his accuracy.
  • You can ask Franz to slow things down, or speed things up. If you want to skip over a part of the campaign, you can say "Fast forward to the part where I arrive at the temple"
  • When Franz responds, you can always use /talk to get more information from him or clarify something that doesn't make sense.